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1. End Discord Processes · 2. Run Discord as Administrator · 3. Check Date and Time on PC · 4. Clear Discord App Data · 5. Disable Proxy and VPN · 6. Windows 11 Discord app won’t open · Open Task Manager · Scroll down to look for all discord process (I had around 10) · right click, end task on.

Discord Not Opening? Fix Discord Won’t Open with 8 Tricks – Trick 2. Use SFC to Repair Corrupted System Files to Fix Discord Won’t Open

Dec 08,  · For more information, follow this guide:replace.me short tutorial on how to fix the issue when you’re unable to op. Nov 09,  · How to Fix Discord Not Opening with the Task Manager. Stopping the Discord process with the Task Manager can make Discord open again as this refreshes the app. Step 1: Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to open the Task Manager. Step 2: Make sure you are under the Processes. Right-click on Discord and select “End Task”. Conclusion. Mar 14,  · Clear Discord’s app data; Update Discord; Run Discord as an administrator; Perform a clean boot; Reinstall Discord; Update Windows; Now, let’s discuss the various ways to fix Discord not opening on Windows 11/10 in detail: If the Discord is stuck on starting, the most obvious fix for this is to restart the app. In most cases, it resolves the issue.


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If there is any issue with its servers or their cache files, it may not allow Discord to open. By flushing the DNS cache, this issue can be resolved potentially. Here is how you can do it:. Corrupted and malicious files can also cause this error. Sometimes temporary files can cause discord to malfunction.

Delete all temporary files to get rid of this issue. Here is how you can run Discord directly from its install location:. Resetting the Winsock catalog could help resolve the problem with discord. Well, in that case, you should disable that Antivirus program. Because all Discord files are ok because you have reinstalled the App and even deleted the cache folder. And, your Internet is also working fine. Then clearly, a third-party App is creating conflict with the Discord App.

Also, I suggest you perform a clean boot in Windows. In clean boot Windows-only launch required Microsoft Services. So, If any third-party program is creating conflict then it can be fixed with a clean boot. Is your Discord Mic not Working , read my article about it. As per some users, if the Discord login process gets failed, then Discord App gets prevented from opening. In that scenario, by logging into the Discord Browser App, you can fix this issue.

Open your default Windows Browser. And, open the Discord browser App. Once you log in, Discord will automatically link both sessions. And, will fix the login bug on the Windows App by resetting login details. The Discord Web App page is not opening, what to do? For some users, the Discord Web App page is not opening. Mainly the issue occurred for the users, who were using the Adblock extension. Check them below. Find Discord from the list and right-click it, choose Uninstall to remove it.

After you logged in, you can open the Discord app again on your Windows 10 computer to see if it can start normally. Use the MSRT tool to prevent your computer from prevalent malware. Make sure Set time automatically is turned on. With over million users, Discord has become an essential application to many people, providing them with direct messaging, video calls, and voice chats.

Some users struggle with opening Discord on their Windows 10 PCs, experiencing issues such as Discord being stuck, not showing up, or only running in the background. Discord is a free application used to chat online, and a worthy competitor to applications such as Skype and TeamSpeak. It offers users tons of features, many of which are not available in other free applications.

Discord is an application everyone can take advantage of. With the recent rebrand, Discord made it clear that it’s an application everyone can take advantage of. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to set up a remote work server or want to explore communities and make new friends.

It’s easy to see how it can be a huge issue when Discord is not opening or gets stuck while updating. Discord’s advantage over other free communication apps is its built-in protection. With features like built-in DDoS protection, security bots, two-factor authentication, safe direct messaging, and an incredibly active staff team, you know your privacy is in good hands.

While the app itself is safe, it’s important to note that you might run into dangerous or misleading content on public Discord servers just like all online services. Luckily, most servers have an active moderation team to combat this issue and immediately delete harmful content. Similar to most other Windows 10 issues, there can be multiple causes for Discord stuck on Windows 10 screen or Discord not opening on your computer.

While not all causes are known, some people were able to pinpoint a couple that may help you diagnose where the issue is coming from. Here are some Discord not opening reasons:. Before getting into the technical solutions, you can try a new hotfix if Discord on Windows is not opening, is stuck on updating, or has some other issue like a grey screen. If this quick fix didn’t solve the discord not opening issue, don’t worry. We have step-by-step instructions for 7 more methods below to fix discord won’t open error.

Because many Discord issues have the same solution, we compiled a wide variety of troubleshooting methods for you to use when Discord isn’t working on Windows. Our methods were written using the latest Windows 10 operating system.

Don’t worry — by performing these methods, your Discord account won’t be harmed in any way. Your Discord servers, profile picture, friends list, and Nitro subscription will all be there when you’re done.

Bear in mind that some preferences, such as Discord appearance customization may be reset to default. Before troubleshooting, ensure that there isn’t a Discord outage by checking the Discord server status. To do this, you can go to the Discord down detector website or check the Discord Status report. Windows 10 stores cache files in the AppData folder.

Some users have reported that launching Discord directly from its installation folder made it possible for them to open the software. You can easily do this by entering a simple command in the Command Prompt. Similar to the previous method, you can end the Discord process from your Task Manager and attempt to open it afterward.

The System File Checker is a tool available in most versions of Windows by default.


Discord app not opening on windows 11 – discord app not opening on windows 11. Discord Won’t Open on Windows 11? Here are the Solutions

Tags: Fix Windows Some Windows users have reported ссылка на страницу using a web version of the app helps reset the перейти session. Corrupted and malicious files can also cause this error. Discord is a free voice and text chat application for gamers. You also need to delete the contents of the AppData folder after uninstalling noy Discord App. Also, do restart your PC once. Update The Discord Application.