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Silicon Minds is a company created by developers in Silicon Valley that love entrepreneurship and scalability

In 2014, two Brazilian programers went to Silicon Valley. Focused on pivoting their own company, they merged online services like SEO, Facebook Ads, Sales Funnels, Growth Hacking, Inbound Marketing, Value Ladder, Email Automation, Copy Writing, Reputation Management to create the SALES FUNNELS HARMONY™.

With own solutions like Online Reputation Management Services, Bipp App, Amazon products and Drop Shipping, we offer our clients the same strategies that made us grow.

We have now offices in San Jose, Miami, London, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and we’ve helped hundreds of startups, small and medium businesses to grow online.

The more clients we get, the hungrier we become to guarantee our strategies work in any niche. The feeling of having leads pouring in for every business we help is addictive. We are completely obsessed with it.


Silicon Minds follow strategies that only a few companies in the US know about. We mastered everything piece of digital strategy, and arranged it carefully organized into our Sales Funnels. This is why we call it Sales Funnels Harmony™.

99% of every market is following tendencies, copying what others are doing. WE DON’T.

We use the 6 Immutable Laws of Influence and add them on the Sales Funnels Process. From here, we create the front end content using the current cultural designs and use the latest technology possible to run the back-end, which is Artificial Intelligence today.


Why Sales Funnels Harmony?

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Silicon Minds has the latest strategies to convert more using Growth Hacking.

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Silicon Minds has the tools that really work and work for your business to have return on our investment quickly.

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Richard Branson – Projetct Manager


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Roberto Alonso – Doctor and online entrepreneur


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