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If the page is in English, is probably due to your Browser configuration. With a click on the menu button, Duckduckgo, and “Advanced settings”, you can, among other things, the Region and the language set.

The entire configuration is stored in a Cookie, its content, click “Bookmarklet and Settings data to show” view. On the same page, you can also all of your settings in the Duckduckgo-Cloud store.

To do this you must click on “save settings” button and a Passphrase assigned. From this is then used with the SHA-2 algorithm with a Hash value is generated, the configuration file gets the hash as a name and is on the Amazon S3 cloud storage to be loaded. This file contains no personal data. Just like the Google search also offers Duckduckgo so-called “instant answers”.

In addition to Rechenergebnissen you can for more interesting answers. But how effective is it? How does the search engine work differently than the norm Google? It’s all about sources. Finding an answer to a specific question is the most common use case for search engines. The premise behind the Instant Answer is that specialized sites such as Yelp, MetroLyrics, and StackOverflow do a better job at answering searches for their respective genre restaurants, song lyrics, programming questions.

Instant Answers appear at the top right of the screen after a search. They are informed by a number of different sources. Wikipedia answers many of them. DDG also has an open source community called DuckDuckHack that allows contributors to add answers to common questions. Additionally, DDG has an intelligence engine that selects the optimal sources for a particular search and displays answers in real time recipes, products, images, etc.

Traditional links in the search results use the Yahoo-Bing engines, among other sources. It earns money by working with ads from the Yahoo-Bing network and by a relationship with eBay and Amazon. This really helps minimize the need to leave DDG. You can directly search more than 12, sites from the DDG page. The DDG search engine runs on any browser. Privacy enhancing extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari can also be installed. Note that these work on Opera and Vivaldi too.

While DDG is the most popular private search engine there are a handful of options that offer similar angles. It can be used from its website or as a browser extension and does not have its own search engine per se — it uses other engines to drive its results. StartPage leverages the Google search with some privacy enhancements like a URL generator to eliminate the need for cookies. Swisscows not only offers privacy but a totally unorthodox search methodology in its use of machine learning to derive results.

It is a compelling alternative to the big search engines. Privacy is one of those ethical dilemmas where the outcome of all this personal data tracking might be hard to predict, but if it comes to a head, you know the consequences will not be positive.

DDG also works well as a search engine, ethics aside. The sources it uses, the Instant Answer platform, the! Give it a shot. Free mouse click automation tool. Undoubtedly one of the heavy hitters when it comes to cloud storage. Windows Defender Is it finally the ultimate free protection for your device? The program that recovers what’s been lost.