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Install Cisco Webex Meetings or Cisco Webex Teams on any device of your choice. Get step-by-step instructions for scheduling your own Webex meetings, real-time group messaging, and more. Make meeting online easy. Download now! Apr 12,  · Under On Your Desktop, select Download Productivity Tools. In the left navigation bar of your WebEx Service site, under Support, select Downloads. In the Downloads page, next to the WebEx Productivity Tools heading, select Download Now. Go to the Schedule a Meeting page. Mar 18,  · The Webex Meetings desktop app and Webex Productivity Tools are provided in two separate packages. For information on the desktop app, see Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App. The final release for Productivity Tools for Mac will be as Microsoft plans to block injection-based plugins on Mac Outlook beginning in mid-May.


[Webex Meetings desktop app and Productivity Tools support

Before installing Webex Productivity Tools, ensure that your computer meets the following minimum system requirements:. All rights reserved. IT administrator guide for mass deployment of Weebex Productivity Tools. Was this article helpful? Not really. In the left navigation bar, select Downloads. Productivity Tools support policy.


Free cisco webex productivity tools download (Windows).Free cisco webex productivity tools download (Windows)


WebEx Productivity Tools make it very easy for users to start, schedule, invite, and join WebEx meetings from their desktop or from commonly used desktop applications. The following Productivity Tools are available for use with WebEx services:. All that is required is logging on to your WebEx service site. When you log on to your WebEx service site, Productivity Tools are automatically installed on your desktop. If automatic installation is turned off on your WebEx service site, you can download them yourself.

In the left navigation bar of your WebEx site, under Support , select Downloads. In the Downloads page, under Productivity Tools heading, make sure the correct operating system is selected, and then select Download. In the Productivity Tools section, turn off the Automatically download Productivity Tools when logging in to WebEx service site option.

In the WebEx Settings dialog box, select the Tools tab. In the list of available Productivity Tools, turn off the options for the applications you do not want to use Productivity Tools with. You can not use Productivity Tools with multiple WebEx service sites simultaneously. Refer to the Site Administration document for Productivity Tools on how to configure your WebEx site to implement single sign-on SSO and integrate with an identity management solution. You schedule a WebEx meeting with Outlook or Lotus Notes integration the same way you schedule other meetings.

When you add a WebEx meeting to your Outlook or Lotus Notes meeting, the meeting on your calendar includes a URL link that you can click to start a meeting. When you schedule meetings on your WebEx site, you can save meeting templates to use for future meetings. You can then use these meeting templates when you schedule meetings in Productivity Tools.

In addition, if your administrator has created predefined meeting templates for your organization, you can use those meeting templates in Productivity Tools. The following issues exist for exceptions to a recurring meeting series using CMR Hybrid meetings and Productivity Tools:. WebEx meeting applications and TelePresence devices can join the same CMR Hybrid meeting, even if a normal exception to a meeting series has been created.

WebEx does not support creating orphan meeting exceptions, such as adding WebEx to a single occurrence of a meeting series. Hosts can still edit the following items for a CMR meeting series that does not have exceptions: WebEx special properties, such as alternate hosts, audio options, and the WebEx meeting password; Microsoft Outlook common properties, such as subject and attendees; and TelePresence properties. The Outlook common properties can still be edited for both the exception and the meeting series.

The TelePresence properties cannot be edited for either the exception or the meeting series the panel for editing TelePresence settings is disabled. The WebEx special properties cannot be edited for either the exception or the meeting series. If a WebEx-only meeting series has exceptions, TelePresence cannot be added to it.

Unlike prior releases, in WBS You can start instant meetings with the following Productivity Tools:. The WebEx Productivity Tools panel formerly called the WebEx One-Click panel is a simple way to start and join meetings and to send meeting invitations without logging in to your WebEx site or navigating Web pages. Once you have selected your contacts, you can select Meet Now to start a WebEx meeting and automatically send invitations, using your local mail application, to all selected contacts to join the WebEx meeting.

Start a instant messenger chat session with your buddy. In the chat window, select Start a WebEx Meeting to start a WebEx meeting and then send a meeting invitation to your buddy as a chat message.

Start a chat session with your buddy. In the chat window, select Invite to Meeting to invite your buddy to an in-progress WebEx meeting. In the toolbar of your Microsoft Office document, spreadsheet, or presentation, select Share as Application.

This starts a WebEx meeting and automatically shares that application. You can also invite attendees using One-Click or an Instant Messenger integration. Starting with WBS Sites and user host accounts must have CMR Cloud in order for users to join Personal Room meetings from TelePresence devices or other video conferencing systems or applications.

A workaround for an instant meeting that uses both WebEx and TelePresence is to start a meeting from a TelePresence system and then the named host has selects Instant WebEx Meeting on the meeting detail page to generate a URL that allows external participants to join the TelePresence meeting from a WebEx application or mobile app.

You can turn off automatic installation of Productivity Tools with Site Administration options. You can use the following methods to install Productivity tools on all users’ desktops:. Administrator privileges are not required to install WebEx Productivity Tools. Even standard users with no administrator privileges can install Productivity Tools.

Turn off automatic installation and automatic upgrades for Productivity Tools in the WebEx service site administration options. Schedule confidential and sensitive meetings as unlisted meetings, and then in the Productivity Tools section of Site Administration, turn off the Allow users to join unlisted meetings using the host’s email address option. Go to Productivity Tools section of Site Administration. In the list of Productivity Tools, turn on or off Productivity Tool options based on your business needs.

You can customize messages in the Productivity Tools section of Site Administration. Other WebEx documents are available that contain information about Lotus Notes deployment. Skip to content Skip to footer.

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