#helpmeinternet – a Campaign to help people defend from online trolls.

#helpmeinternet Campaign

Fernando Azevedo, partner of online Reputation company Silicon Minds, has launched the troll defense campaign called #helpmeinternet.along with Livia Clozel and Kat Alderman.

In his company, Fernando defends victims of cyberbullying and cyberstalking. In many countries, for example, it is not widely known that there are internet laws with penalties and fines around this behavior. Creating an anonymous account for defamation is a crime.

State and local lawmakers in the United States have taken action to prevent bullying and protect children. Depending on the nature of the abuse, all states have various criminal laws that might apply to bullying behaviors, depending on the nature of the act. All states also have criminal harassment and/or stalking statutes, and most include explicit reference to electronic forms. Through laws and policies that offer guidance to districts and schools, each state addresses bullying differently.

According to Fernando, when a troll harasses you on your account, you have control over the post, you can block the person and control the comments. Many do not know how to do this and the helpmeinter.net website will teach up-to-date techniques for each major social network. Our mission is to teach you the steps to protect yourself from trolls and control your account on every social network.

The problem, Fernando explains, is when a person creates an anonymous account to harass a person. It is necessary to make a complaint against the account, and call on friends to help boost the complaint which is an embarrassing process. The legal measures are slow and it can take weeks for the social network to withdraw a harassment account.

“So we came up with the idea of using crowdsourcing to help us report defamation and slander accounts.” When an account is created for this reason, you can post to your social media account using the hashtag #helpmeinternet that xyz account is cyberbullying you. Everyone who follows this hashtag can visit the account, verify if it is a defamation and slander account and report it to the social network. People can quickly get thousands of complaints against a malicious account by catching the attention of the social network.

Two rules were created for the movement:

Rule # 1) The internet cannot confuse freedom of expression with hate content. We are all free to talk while we are kind and inclusive. If social media networks have trouble identifying abusive accounts, we can help you report those accounts.

Rule # 2) When someone asks for help reporting an account using “#helpmeinternet xyz account is intimidating me,” you become the judge. Visit the referenced account, evaluate it, and if the content is abusive, report it. Be careful not to report the account of the person asking for help!

The goal of the campaign is to protect troll victims on the internet and also to make users aware that creating anonymous accounts on the internet for libel and slander is a crime.

Fernando Azevedo is the author of “Online Reputation Management Secrets” and “The Fake News Dirty Business” – available on Amazon. The book “How to defend against cyberbullying” will be released soon.


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