Usando as mídias sociais com responsabilidade: seja inteligente, seguro e social

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Você é totalmente responsável por todos seus posts, curtidas e comentários no seu Instagram e em outras contas de mídia social. Usando as mídias sociais com responsabilidade Desobedecer políticas em plataformas de mídia social pode fazer com que sua conta seja suspensa ou banida. Você pode ser processado ou até mesmo incriminado nos [...]

For a less futile Instagram

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18-04-2018 by Fernando Azevedo The Pendulum Theory: We explore different paths, but the balance is always in the center   Since Facebook was called to testify about the privacy issues of its users, I have not stopped seeing articles on the subject. And since I have a column on the radio every Friday about technology, [...]

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Driver’s License for Internet

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04-20-2018 by Fernando Azevedo We need to talk about an old and famous web problem: the "free rider"   The last US financial crisis was in 2008 and the previous one in 2001. Many believe that the economic cycle of recession and bonanza is an average period of 8 to 18 years. It's 2018, and [...]

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Fake Everything

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27-04-2018 by Fernando Azevedo It's not just with Fake News that we need to worry There are 7 main factors that model behavior in the social network: culture that is the content of the post, photos and videos. We have the place of the tag, the people and entities marked with the "@". And the [...]

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