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Adobe illustrator cc 2018 shortcuts free. Illustrator CC Shortcuts: PC

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Option-click New Action button. Brushes panel. Open Brush Options dialog box. Double-click brush. Duplicate brush. Drag brush to New Brush button. Character and Paragraph panels. Open the Character panel. Open the Paragraph panel. Up Arrow or Down Arrow. Highlight the font name field in the Character panel. Color panel. Ctrl-click color bar. Command-click color bar. Alt-click color bar. Option-click color bar. Open Color Guide. Change the color mode. Shift-click color bar.

Move color sliders in tandem. Shift-drag color slider. Switch between percentage and values for RGB. Double-click to right of a numerical field. Gradient panel. Duplicate color stops. Swap color stops. Alt-drag color stop onto another stop. Option-drag color stop onto another color stop.

Apply swatch color to active or selected color stop. Alt-click swatch in the Swatches panel. Option-click swatch in the Swatches panel. Reset the gradient fill to default black and white linear gradient. Ctrl-click Gradient Fill box in the Gradient panel. Command-click Gradient Fill box in the Gradient panel. Super handy, I can go to ‘Properties’, ‘Fill color’ and say, you’re all ‘white’ now. The next one is Math in any of the fields in Illustrator.

I want to draw a rectangle, actually I want five rectangles evenly spaced down the bottom here. So I’m going to draw one that covers the whole thing I’m going to give it a Fill, so you can see it. Say I need to divide by 5, up here, the Width– I’m even in the wrong unit size, I’ve been using ‘points’. So I’m going to grab the ‘Black Arrow’, drag it across, and I want to duplicate these along. I could use copy, paste, ends up in the middle. Makes a duplicate while I’m dragging. That’s a handy little tip.

Another little handy tip is, if you now hit ‘Command D’ on a Mac, or ‘Control D’ on a PC, it’s going to duplicate whatever you just did over and over again. Another handy trick. Next trick is, let’s say I want to grab this. Say I want to give it– use my Library colors, I want to give it the foxy orange color but it didn’t apply, well it did, kind of, it applied it to the Strokes. The Stroke was in the front, I needed this to be at the front. Click on that, and I bring the Stroke to the front, then click ‘None’.

That’s the long way, the shortcut way is this – I’m going to undo till it goes back to when it was broken. It just toggles these back to front. So up here, I can say I want you to have the foxy center. Then I’ll have, maybe a ‘black’ Stroke along the outside.

So you can toggle these back and forth. So it’s the ‘? If you want to add a fill, you hit the ‘,’ button. That just adds a Fill, pops this box open as well. So if something doesn’t ever fill, you hit the ‘,’. The last one, and one that nobody’s going to use is the period, ‘.

It adds a Gradient. But you’re not going to use it. Gradients are back, right? So they’re all kind of gathered down there at the bottom, ‘,’ for our Fill, period, ‘. Back to Gradients. I said Gradients aren’t going to be used. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.

Manage Settings Continue with Recommended Cookies. Adobe Illustrator has about shortcuts. This shortcut can’t be used while editing typography. Switch between the Selection or Direction Selection tool — a big time saver. Each artboard is bound by solid lines that represent the maximum printable area, with a canvas area beyond these boundaries. A great way to experiment with the alignment of your text, this shortcut will enable you to do it quickly.

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Adobe illustrator cc 2018 shortcuts free. 21 Illustrator shortcuts to speed up your workflow


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